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Flowx Android Weather Forecast App Review

Flowx: the long-term visual weather forecast for Android is a practical weather application that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Show how the weather systems move around you, instead of just telling you if it’s going to rain today. You can download the Flowx application for free from the Google Play Store.
Unique weather application with innovative interface
The innovative Flowx application interface for Android allows you to explore a whole week of forecast data on a single screen. In essence, it gives you a map and then you can choose if you want to track the precipitation, the cloud, the wind speed, the temperature, the pressure or the height of the waves. Now you can zoom in or out with a pinch and slide slowly to see how these conditions are expected to change over a period of hours or days. The application shows how clouds or storms move across the map, and this should give you a decent perspective of what to expect on the front of the weather.


What makes Flowx for Android stand out is its design, which is important for a weather application. The weather is shown in several layers that allow you to see the wind on rain and rain on any other type of data. The animated wavefronts indicate the direction of the wave, while the animated current lines indicate the speed and direction of the wind. You can add arrows to get a clearer idea of the direction in which the weather systems move. It is also possible to choose your favorite units of measure. Flowx for Android is ideally not an independent weather application. You should use it together with your usual weather app, and it will help you get a deeper insight into the weather patterns around you. The design of the user interface is easy to use for most parties. It is also precise. The application requires Android OS 4.4+.

Final Take

Flowx: the long-term visual weather forecast for Android is a perfect complementary application for your usual weather application. You can check Flowx to gather more detailed information about weather updates, the progress of the cloud/storm and weather patterns in general. The animations are silky. The controls are intuitive. The interface offers you a week’s forecast that you can see at a glance. The paid version gives you a 10-day forecast and removes the ads. In terms of performance, the application is stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re looking for a weather app that gives you full information about the weather details.

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