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5 reasons why iPhone is better than an android smartphone

The technology market was quite advanced a few years ago, here you can get a smartphone from different operating systems.

Android and IOS are two popular operating systems, both operating systems running on Android and iPhone smartphones.

Consumers are always curious to know which smartphone and operating system is good to buy between these two.


Here are some reasons why the iPhone is better than the Android smartphone.


  • Hardware software optimization.


The Apple software was built in Apple iPhone, and its hardware was also designed by Apple.
Apple has a limited number of smartphones, only 14 to 15.
By using this Apple, the optimization of software and hardware, this optimization avoids delays or delays and users experience a fluid experience.
But in the Android software was designed by Google and the hardware was compiled by many companies and it is not possible that the software works flawlessly on all types of hardware, before all Android smartphones do not have such hardware optimization software

  • Software updates.


For Android smartphones, official OTA updates, with the exception of the Nexus series and the Motorola software andola stockola, were not readily available or the user had to roam his smartphone, which had some disadvantages.

On iPhone, the day Apple released its new software, the update was available to all iPhone smartphones worldwide, and this type of official OTA update was available for up to 5 years. iPhone.


  • App Availability:



Apps availability:The number of apps in the Android Play store and the number of apps in the Apple App Store are nearly identical.
But the new type of application became available for the first time on the Apple iPhone after 1 or 2 months in the Android Store, every new version or updated application was first launched on the Apple iPhone iPhone as on Android.
If someone wants to use the newer app, the iPhone is better in this regard.

Application quality: In the Android operating system, some app developers make crazy apps or applications useless.
But in iPhones, the iOS app developer creates real apps that work well.
The accuracy of the iPhone iOS is better in terms of application quality than that of the Android operating system.



Iphone is a popular and global Apple company that only launches 1-2 smartphones a year.
Iphones has been sold in millions a year, so the iPhone accessory market has been expanded in every way by targeting just one or two devices, such as: Back cover, screen protector, headphones, chargers, etc.
But on Android for some smartphones and smartphones from Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, etc., accessories for these popular smartphones will be available in the market, but for the normal smartphone, the availability of accessories may be difficult compared to the iPhone.
Iphone is very popular, so that manufacturers of accessories can change its line of only 1 iPhone smartphone

  • After sales support.


The user receives a customer service after purchasing a smartphone for two conditions.

If the smartphone has an error.
If the user wants to sell his smartphone.
In both cases Apple iPhone is much better than the Android smartphone.

In the iPhone, if the user feels some kind of error, then go to the Apple Service Center, then there will be no problems with the service center user will have to solve the problem in any way or enter a new iPhone and the iPhone service fast. Get around for the Apple iPhone service.
But on the Android smartphone, the service was in no way fast, compared to the iPhone, if the user has a mistake, the user must bypass the service center many times, they can fix the defect or the error of the android in the Service center solved. ,

If the user wants to sell his smartphone instead of Android due to poor service and price instability, his resale price was well below the purchase price.
For example – If the user buys a Samsung smartphone for 50000 after 6 months, its price will be around 35000, then you can not sell more than 25000 easily.
But in the iPhone because of the excellent technical support and price stability, the user can sell it in approx. 80% of its real price.

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