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Brushes Redux iPhone App Review

Artists are nourished by inspiration. Now, I’m not talking just about professional artists here. Any person who likes to paint is inspired. What inspires is that it can reach you anywhere, at any time. Now, you can not take your laptop and paint at any time, can you? Well, if you have the Brushes Redux application on your iPhone, you can create frames wherever you go.

Paint masterpieces anytime, anywhere

Brushes Redux for iPhone is one of the most capable paint applications in the iTunes store. The application is based on a super fast OpenGL-based paint engine that offers the performance you expect from a professional painting. With Redox Brushes, you can draw paintings with dimensions up to 4096 × 4096. It supports paint brush sizes up to 512 × 512. A unique feature of Brushes Redux is that it supports stimulated pressure, which gives you a true painting experience. You can choose between up to 14 parameterized brush shapes. You can also adjust the brush settings, control the opacity of the color and create up to 10 layers.
Speaking of layers, Brushes Redux helps you duplicate, reorganize and combine layers and you can also adjust the opacity of the layer. Brushes Redux is completely integrated with Dropbox, and so you can store your work in the cloud. You can import and export your work in formats such as JPEG, PNG, and Brushes 3 file formats.

Brushes Redux

App Highlights

Self-saved background
Redo and undo unlimited
Full Retina display support
64 bit paint
Multiple gesture support


If you are a professional or amateur painter, Brushes Redux for iPhone is perfect for you. Its simple user interface helps you jump directly into the painting without thinking about configuration and other things like that. Therefore, install the application today and create masterpieces anytime and anywhere.

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