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Funny Food 3 App for iPhone Review

iTunes App Store has some great games / apps that improve children’s attention, memory, and logic. We recently got to know Funny Food 3 for iPhone, a learning app that helps your preschooler learn numbers from 1 to 10, and count and compare numbers. The best part is that this educational game comes with suggestions that help children to learn and play alone, without asking for help from their parents. The game Funny Food 3 for iPhone can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

Educational games for little children

Funny Food 3 for iPhone is an interactive game. Keep children involved in the activities or puzzles they are trying to solve. By playing with fruits and vegetables, your child trains his memory and develops his attention and logic. Funny Food 3 for iPhone contains nine educational games. The first, Number Cake, asks your children to decorate the birthday cake with beautiful icing figures. Teaches Writing Numbers In the Fun Shooting Gallery, they shot the balloons and learned the numbers. The game helps to develop attention skills, reflexes and fine motor skills as well as familiarity with the numbers. In the roller coaster, they put funny fruits and vegetables in the right order for the journey. It also helps them to become familiar with ordinal numbers. Of the nine games, these three come with the free download. To access the remaining six games, you must purchase the full version.

funny food 3

Conclusion Funny Food 3

Funny Food 3 for iPhone wants to familiarize children with numbers and give them the first steps towards math. Through simple and funny games children enter the world of numbers. A bright and cheerful animation keeps you addicted while synchronized English audio tells you what to do. The practical interface is tailor-made for children from 3 to 6 years. There are no harmful ads and you can use the app without the internet. We also find that the application is stable. Check if you have preschool children at home.

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