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Secret Diary with Lock Android App Review

Life is full of experiences and lessons that we learn from them. Given the countless experiences of life, it is not uncommon for us to record these memories in written words. Here a newspaper really helps. However, there are many things that we also want to keep secret among our closest people. Keeping a newspaper is not safe because people can always open and read it. Fortunately, you have the Secret Diary app with Lock for Android, which provides the perfect solution to these problems.

Keep our memories secret

Secret Diary with Lock for Android is a small application that allows you to connect to your phone. The app includes password protection so nobody else can access your calendar. You can see the pages by date and also change the size and color of the script to your liking. You can also add music to your calendar to create the same emotions every time you see them.

secret dairy

Log with Lock The Android application is perfect for people who want to keep their personal memories. The app is really easy to use, so you can add items immediately. So install the app today and start recording your life experiences.

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