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Vidgets iPhone App Review

The modern smartphone has become a truly capable device. This made it difficult to handle all things on the phone. Well, a good way to handle everything is to use widgets. If you have an iPhone, you can use the Vidgets app to create widgets and improve the usability of your smartphone.

Reduce the administrative burden of your phone

With the iPhone Vidgets app, you can manage everything on your phone. Now you do not have to search your phone to find the things you need. With this application, you can easily create a widget for a specific application. The Vidgets app for the iPhone contains more than 50 widgets that you can easily customize. You can check the widgets on the notification screen and on your Apple Watch. It comes with a variety of quick actions, such as: Quick Bookmarks and fast GPS navigation. You can also check the power of your signal and the speed of your WiFi connection with a few clicks. You can also check your battery, CPU usage and even the weather.


The Vidgets app for iPhone is definitely one of the best apps for managing your smartphone. It is really easy to use and is very customization. Therefore install the app and improve the experience with your iPhone

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