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Zenkit Organize Anything iPhone App Review

Zenkit for iPhone is not the first project management solution on the market. But it could easily be the easiest to use. You can track projects, organize collections, and share ideas across multiple devices and platforms. The application can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

Project management solution that grows with you

Since its launch in October, Zenkit has constantly improved for the iPhone, adding new features and bug fixes. The best thing we notice about the Zenkit app is its flexibility. On the one hand, you can manage everything that works with an unlimited number, regardless of your level of subscription collections (yes, freemium). Users can quickly add or update tasks. As an additional comment, you can also use custom fields, add or remove expiration dates, members and checklists, and attach files, pictures, and videos. The app also makes it easy to find items in your account. As a project management tool application, Zenkit also provides real-time collaboration that lets you control a project regardless of location. You can also connect relative collections to create a database. This will give you a better idea of ​​your projects. Some features work offline. For example, since the last update, access to the map and the mental map view can be used online regardless of the platform. In addition, it is possible to change the position of a panel even if it is not connected to the Internet. It will automatically sync in the next connection.


Final Take

Zenkit for iPhone is a simple project management solution that is powerful enough to run a business. It is rich in features, robust and above all easy to use. Real-time collaborative tools are just as useful as offline features. The free version can accommodate up to five people with unlimited collections and 2,000 items per collection. For large teams, you must subscribe to Zenkit Plus (US $ 9 per user per month) or Zenkit Business (US $ 29 per user per month). Check if you are an entrepreneur or a project manager.

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